23-24 October

Expect the worst to bring out your best

When disasters hit, people often escape with only the bare essentials. Disaster Weekend challenges you to live out of your disaster kit for 34 hours, complete mystery activities and raise money so Red Cross can keep helping people before, during, and after disasters. For an experience that will stay with you, sign up for the Disaster Weekend and prepare to be surprised by what you learn about disasters, resilience and yourself.


How it works

A weekend with only the bare essentials and a few surprises!

On 23-24 October you'll live out of your disaster kit and go without electricity, your refrigerator, hot showers and even your bed. You will receive instructions for mystery activities to complete during the weekend.

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Get sponsored and raise funds

Ask your family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you with a donation to your online fundraising page. After all, you're committing to a pretty uncomfortable weekend (but it's nothing compared to what people in disasters really face) so get your network to support you.

Rally your supporters

Help people who have lost everything

Every day Red Cross helps people affected by disasters. The right support before, during and after an emergency can make all the difference to how well people recover and get their lives back on track. The funds you raise will help make this invaluable work possible.

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