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I’m putting myself in the shoes of people who have had their lives turned upside-down by disasters and taking part in Disaster Weekend. 

On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 October, for 34 hours I’ll live out of my disaster kit with no electricity, no TV, and no hot meals or showers. I’ll even be sleeping on the floor! 

I’m doing it to raise money for Red Cross so they can keep helping people prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.

Please donate to my page, I’d be grateful for your support!

Thanks for helping out.

My Updates

Packing our boxes

Saturday 23rd Oct
This morning's challenge was to pack our emergency boxes. With "Cyclone Red" bearing down on us, we had 3 minutes to collect what we could. Most of my box is food 😅

Getting food ready!

Friday 22nd Oct
Today we're getting our food ready so that tomorrow morning at 8am we can pack out box (we aren't allowed to do it before then). 
We're going to be eating canned food, or food that doesn't need a refrigerator. Kind of like hiking!
So today we head to the supermarket to see what exciting meals we can find...

My Supporters



Glad you survived!


Joshua Philips


Will Archinal

Hang in there, Mac!


Michael Archinal

Well done



Hope you survive!



I'm looking forward to that air mattress we're allowed to have now.


Heidi Mitchell


Andrew Short

All the best Emma.


Karina Dennis




Kim Collins

I will cheer you on from the comfort of my bed!!



I'll be right there with you Emma!

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