The Experience

How it works

1. Sign up and receive your welcome pack

Your kit includes six mystery envelopes and a cardboard box for your disaster kit, which you’ll be instructed to pack during Disaster Weekend.

2. Complete Disaster Weekend

Start Disaster Weekend at 8am Saturday morning by opening the first envelope. Complete mystery activities and live out of your disaster kit for the weekend.

3. Help people who have lost everything

Raise money so Red Cross emergency teams are ready and able to help, so people do not have to face disasters alone.

As Disaster Weekend is just around the corner, people who sign up after 4 October will not receive a welcome pack. Instead they will receive the mystery actions via text message and use their own box to pack their disaster kit. 

  • From 8am Saturday 23 until 6pm Sunday 24 October, you’ll live out of your disaster kit – a selection of items that you pack and escape with when the challenge begins, in a box that we provide when you sign up.
  • You’ll be given mystery activities over the weekend that tell the story of what people face in a disaster. You’ll put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you would respond.
  • By the end of the experience you’ll better appreciate what it was like for the tens of thousands of people in Australia who have faced a disaster, you’ll be better prepared if you ever face one, and you’ll have raised vital funds to ensure Red Cross can continue helping people before, during, and after disasters.

Disaster Weekend - The Experience

START: 8am Saturday

Pack your disaster kit and live on its content for the weekend.

NO electricity, NO lights, NO cooking, NO showers, NO bed - except if you have earned a reward.

Open mystery envelopes to put yourself in the shoes of someone experiencing a disaster.

Reflect on your experience
and share on socials to
raise awareness.

Raise money to help people before, during and after disasters.